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  • Tantric Theory And Practice Workshop For Beginners

    Leslee - Sun 11 December 2016 -

    A clinically oriented apprenticeship in the classical healing arts of Ayurveda, Tantric psycho-energetic therapeutics (counseling, mantra, nadivijnanam, marma, kundalini massage, ritual, etc.) and Yoga-Therapy is offered by Dharmanidhi Saraswati through Yoga Mandala.
    The program is open to certified practitioners and people who wish to begin studying Tantric Sex and its related modalities with an eye towards practicing in the future, or simply to enrich their own experience of life and health.

    Content and Structure
    Each apprentice student will attend a clinic shift wherein Dharmanidhi will see new patients and follow-up with patients on a treatment program. Whenever possible, students will be afforded the opportunity to examine the tongue, pulses, organs, and tissues.
    Monday afternoon theory class consists of a debriefing of the cases seen during the week . We go over any relevant anatomy and physiology from a western and eastern perspective and discuss medical theory as stimulated by and pertinent to the case(s) at hand.

    The apprentices chosen must commit to be at clinic and class each week. THIS IS NOT A CASUAL DROP-IN CLASS and anyone wishing to apply should re-examine their motive for excess enthusiasm. This is a long-term commitment to your study and the patient’s well being. Certificates of completion will not be given.
    The apprenticeship is clinically oriented and as such will not follow a set curriculum, but will deal with what is presented each day. Traditionally an apprentice would expect to study for a number of years, experiencing a wide range of health concerns related to different seasons, stages of life, etc. so as to get a solid footing in the principles of energetic medicine as well as the pertinent treatment protocols.
    We will also be looking for the development of an intuitive sense that comes with experience.
    A minimum one-year commitment is asked of each apprentice clinician.

    Obligation of Apprentices
    To be punctual to clinic shifts and class. To dress in clothes suitable to a clinical setting. To remain current with your classmates by keeping up with the material.
    All apprentices will also re-stock herbs, make labels for the herb containers, photocopy, make formulas for patients, etc. as part of the program.
    The fee will be $39 per day whether you attend or not. Fees will be paid at the first clinic shift each month.

    Materials Needed
    Each apprentice should have a copy of Dr. Lad’s “Textbook of Ayurvedic-Fundamental Principles” and “Secrets of the Pulse.” It would be helpful but not required to also have “Gutyons Text of Medical Physiology” (a used, older edition is fine), “The Yoga of Herbs” by Frawley, and a “Merck Manual” – the latest edition.